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balderdash_game's Journal

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The Balderdash Game
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The fun game of Balderdash on LJ
This is a fun community where we play balderdash.

I will provide the group with a word, a persons name, an initial, a movie title or a date. All players then write down a definition, which may be an honest attempt to supply the correct definition, or, if they do not know or for tactical reasons decide not to, a fictitious definition for the word designed to sound convincing.

For now, until we have more players, everyone should send their definitions to me via a private message.

I will check if any of your definitions are the same as the real definition. If any are, the player submitting the correct definition will be awarded one points (for now, if there is more than one, the round will be abandoned). The definitions, including the real definition, will then be posted in a random order. Players then vote via a comment about which answer they believe is correct.

Players are awarded one points if they guess the correct definition. Players are awarded one point for each other player who incorrectly chooses the fake definition they wrote.


1. A Type of Moustache very popular in the Victorian Era
2. A Siberian Squirrel with five stripes down it's back
3. Flakes of Dandruff
4. A edible fruit found in South America
5. A type of sea snail

(the correct answer is no.3)


1. To join this community you need to be able to visit this site twice in one week, but you can vote without joining the community.

2. If you join you can participate in just one round or play a full game but if you submit a definition you must be able to visit the site to vote in that weeks game.

The new round will be displayed sometime after 10pm each Sunday. The closing date for definitions is Wednesday at 10pm and the definitions will be displayed after that time. The closing time for voting is again 10pm on Sunday evening. (all times are GMT)

3. Participants of the game should be wary of revealing (accidentally or otherwise) the identity of a player responsible for a particular fabricated definition. This will obviously ruin that player's chances of scoring as a result of someone picking their false definition over the real one.

4. You cannot vote for your own definition.

5. Only one vote per person is allowed.

6. Please do not in anyway cheat, I will have to trust you all that no cheating is going on.

7. Try and keep the sentences rated below a PG-13 and no profanity.

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