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The Examples Of The Different Catagories Post!

The idea of the game is not to actually try to guess the real answer but to
to submit one to me that tries to convince other people that your's is the correct answer!

Here are a few examples of the different catagories.
Swipe over the brackets to reveal the answers

(Whats the definition?)


1. A Type of Moustache very popular in the Victorian Era
2. A Siberian Squirrel with five stripes down it's back
3. Flakes of Dandruff
4. A edible fruit found in South America
5. A type of sea snail

(the correct answer is no.3)

People: (What were they known for?)

Hkan Forsberg

1.  Inventor of the Zippo lighter
2. Owned the world's largest toad, weighing 5lbs 13 and a half ounces
3. Famous sword swallower who worked for the Barnum & Bailey circus in Vienna
4. The Swedish Viking who discovered Iceland in the year 865
5. A teenage boy who sneezed for 978 days in a row.

(the correct answer is no.2)

Initials: (groups and associations etc)


1. Parents Against Subliminal Seduction
2. Post Art Student Society
3. Public Area Screening Services
4. Psychology And Sociology Students
5. Postmen Against Saturday Sorting

(the correct answer is no 1)

Movies: (brief summery of the film)

Getting it right

1. A chorus girl is stopped by her uncle from marrying a playboy, only to fall for the uncle.
2. Creatures from outer space heat up a small Scottish island to make themselves more comfortable
3. A shy hairdresser gets mixed up with a middle aged socialite, a pregnant rich girl and a single mother.
4. Three old ladies try to kill their half brother for his money.
5. When parents follow their son to Europe to check up on his girlfriend, the mother starts flirting with a Frenchman.

(the correct answer no. 3. )

Dates: (What happened on this day?)

January 24th 1935

1. The first Mars Bar went on sale.
2. The first Batman Comic was seen.
3. A baby was born in England with 14 fingers and 15 toes.
4. Howard Huges set a new record by flying around the world in less than 92 hours.
5. Beer was sold in cans for the first time.

(the correct answer is no. 5)
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